Want to learn how to write spicy scenes? I’ll show you how to write steamy (or intimate) sex scenes.

Join me for 2 hours, and I’ll show you how to:
  • Have your readers reading with a fan (no need to worry about if this is your first time or your millionth time you can heat it up!)
  • Improve existing skills even if the thought of using , , and sends you into a fit of giggles
  • Making scenes unique for each couple... even if we all know what grown folks do but there’s a skill to making romantic encounters tailored and unique for each character couple 
  • Push past your comfort zone and improve your sex scene writing in a way that exceeds reader expectations.

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Writing Spicy Scenes Workshop$197

A few of the topics we’ll cover… 

  • the best tips if you’re writing your first steamy scene 
  • my go-to process for integrating steamy scenes into plot and character development
  • the 10-minute hack that improves any spicy scene 
  • the biggest difference between manual and AI-assisted scene writing
  • how to make sure sex scenes enhance your overall story
  • the #1 thing to keep in mind when writing authentic steamy scenes
  • BONUS: a step-by-step process on how to write steamier scenes
  • BONUS: a list of editor-approved resources to make it easy for you to steamy scenes

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  • 1xWriting Spicy Scenes Workshop$197

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