Watch Me Work:
Steamy Romance Edition

You said you want to write romance novels that keep your readers glued to their seats... Now, it's time to prove it.

Ready to dive headfirst into the steamy world of romance writing?

Imagine spending a month turning your swoon-worthy ideas into a novel that readers can't resist, all while having a blast with AI tools and insider tips.

We're talking character crushes, plot twists that make you gasp, and a cover that screams, "Read me!" Plus, you'll never feel alone with live sessions, real-time advice, and a bunch of fellow romance-writing buddies cheering you on.

Whether you're just flirting with the idea of writing or ready to take your stories to the next level, let's make your romance writing dream come true, one sizzling chapter at a time.


Join me and you'll watch me: 

  • Market Research & Concept Development: Identifying trends and crafting a compelling story concept.
  • Character Creation: Building relatable, dynamic characters for a steamy romance. 
  • Cover & Blurb Writing: Designing captivating covers and blurbs to attract readers. 
  • Writing & Editing: Techniques for writing and refining your manuscript. 
  • Publishing & Marketing: Strategies for self-publishing and promoting your novel. 
  • AI Integration: Utilizing AI tools to enhance storytelling and efficiency. 
  • Support & Resources: Live sessions, Q&As, and downloadable templates and guides.
  • Lifetime access to the course and the materials.

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Watch Me Work: Steamy Romance Edition$197