Heart of a Novel Writers Workshop

Are you looking to take your romance writing to the next level?

Join me for 2 hours, and I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Identify the core character elements (and not the height, eye color, and their favorite meals. We want the stuff that will keep your readers glued to the page.)
  • Identify the conflict that will have your readers talking about your story (even if you’re writing low-drama romances like me.) 
  • Plan to have fun and identify how you can create marketable story concepts that you’ll love to write and readers will love to read without wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of words. 

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Heart of a Novel Writer Workshop$197

A sample of what we'll cover during the workshop:

  • how to ensure readers want what you’re writing 
  • my go-to process for making sure you have the right story paired with the right main characters 
  • the biggest difference between a story concept and a story summary and when you should write them.
  • my favorite tools to brainstorm story ideas (and they’re FREE) 
  • BONUS: a step-by-step template to use this process for all of your future novels.
  • BONUS: a downloadable Heart of a Novel workbook.
  • BONUS: a list of my favorite plotting and writing resources so you can easily fill in the gaps where your original idea may fall short.

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  • 1xHeart of a Novel Writer Workshop$197

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