It's the Characters for Me! Writer Workshop

Want to make your characters stay with your readers long after the book ends?

Join me for 2 hours, and I’ll show you exactly how to:

  • Create characters with flaws that feel authentic...even if you fear going “too deep” or being vulnerable on the page.  
  • Learn to create multidimensional characters readers love–or love to hate. I’ll review my secret sauce that helps transfer these elements to the page.
  • Plan to have fun and identify how you can create characters that you’ll love to write and readers will love to read. I’ll show you how to have them knocking on your door asking for the next book in the series…. 

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It's The Characters for Me! Writer Workshop$197

A sample of what we'll cover during the workshop:

  • The best writing resources if you’re unsure of how to give your characters depth.
  • A simple way to build inherent conflict through characterization.
  • The #1 thing to keep in mind when transferring your characters from your head to the page.
  • My core questions to uncover the heart of my character.
  • BONUS: a step-by-step character-building template to use when getting to know your characters.
  • BONUS: a down-and-dirty character-building template when you need to go deep fast.
  • BONUS: a list of my favorite resources so you can easily fill in the gaps where your original idea may fall short.

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  • 1xIt's The Characters for Me! Writer Workshop$197

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